Origanally posted Jan 6, 2008 after my Grandma passed away. I am blessed to have had 4 grandparents who took time to teach me some of life’s most important lessons. All of my grandparents left a legacy of faith, family and love.

  1. Family is important.
  2. That I was loved. There is no doubt that Grandma loved me. She also shared God’s love with me.
  3. Respect and take care of your elders.
  4. I was expected to behave and respect my elders. Being at Grandma’s was no excuse for poor behavior.
  5. Work hard, no one owes you anything.
  6. Get an education. An education opens doors and provides opportunities. If you don’t get a formal education then get one from books.
  7. How to cook
  8. Grandma shared her love for reading, jig-saw puzzles, and cross-words puzzles.
  9. Don’t waste anything. Grandma grew up in the depression and had learned to be frugal.

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