Hi, it’s me Maddie Mae.

Maddie & The Big Guy
Hanging with the Big Guy.

Dee found this on Facebook. I have decided to answer the questions but only if a I can take over the blog.

Trying to figure out this typing thing.

My nicknames are: Maddikins, Mads, The Princess, Barkie Pup.

Who has time for all these pictures.

I am a Bichdoodle. I just turned 13.

Keeping watch.

My favorite human foods are breakfast tacos, chicken and bacon. I also like steak (Dee won’t let me have it very often), peanut butter and pumpkin.

Perfect start to day a pupachino, breakfast taco and riding with my peeps.

I am really scared of thunderstorms. They are too loud. I do not like loud things.

Dee keeps messing up my fort. She keeps straightening them up.

I enjoy spending time with my humans playing with my Mason and licking.

Playing with Mason

My favorite toys are a Mason, Ducky, balls, and my puzzle tray.

Dee made me a cool puzzle tray.

I really dislike other animals especially zombie goats. Oh and I HATE that evil robot vacuum.

Go away evil robot.

Where do I sleep? Wherever I want, after all, I am a princess. During the day I use one of my recliners and at night I sleep in the big bed. Although I do have a nice bed.

Do I love car rides? Oh, boy . . . When? Where? Can we? PLEEEEAAASSSEEE!!!

Cruising down Key with my peeps.

My best friends are The Big Guy and Dee.

Picking up catfish for G’Ma.

Who do I get the most excited to see: The Big a Guy

Helping The Big Guy with Back Porch Worship.

Picture of me:

Peace out Maddie Mae

4 thoughts on “All About Me

  1. Maddie Mae, I like the blog about you! Enjoy the rest of the summer! Our Lily gets upset, too, when I mess with the fort she makes on the floor with the pillows and blanket that WERE all nice and straight on my rocking couch. My bed is too high for her to jump onto, but when she was younger, she liked to jump up there to sleep. Now she sleeps on the rocking couch or by the vents on the floor even though she has a very nice soft bed. Lily doesn’t try to figure out the computer, but the evil cat does! I am glad we don’t have any zombie goats, though! Take good care of Dee, the Big Guy and Grandma! Give Grandma a Doggy kiss from me! We are almost related to you, because my ancestors married into your Grandma’s Crain family. 🙂
    Keep everyone safe and well!


  2. Maddie Mae you are looking sharp for being 13! How do you keep your youthful figure and looks? Anyway, Dee and Big Guy count on you to keep them in line and everything in order – especially during worship!


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