Mojo Coffee Lampasas
Mojo Coffee Lampasas

Hi, it’s me Maddie Mae. We finally got a Mojos in Lampasas a few months ago. We used to have to go to Burnett or Marble Falls to get my puppiccinos. For some reason Dee and The Big Guy did not want to take me very often. So, Mojos had a coming soon sign up forever! Yeah, it was more like coming very long not soon.

Maddie enjoying a puppachino from Mojo's.

I really like going to Mojos most of the time a I get a puppiccino. The nice people even remember my name and my order one puppiccino with whip no bone. Yum.


G’Ma and Dee like to get lemonade. They have a good peach lemonade and cherry lemonade. Dee says the regular one is good. She also likes to get a Americano and sometimes a latte or breve.

Smoothie and Lemonade

The Big Guy likes smoothies and something called a Cookie Monster. It looks like a milkshake thingy. He doesn’t like it when I eat the whip cream from his smoothie. He gets a giant cup and I get a little cup. They call it Maddie size. Don’t they know I am a princess?

The Big Guys smoothie is in a huge cup with a lot of whip. My pupachino is in a small cup.
See how small my cup is?

Dee is the coffee snob in the family. She likes an Americano with cream and sometimes a Riser Breve. Oh, she also likes the hot chocolate but she says chocolate would make me sick. I think she doesn’t want to share. You know how she gets about chocolate, coffee and Dr Pepper.

Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster

The people at all of the Mojos are very friendly. They even understand my order when I stick my head out the window to order. Mojos is a small locally owned chain of drive through coffee stands. They have good coffee at reasonable prices and an awesome customer service.

I give them 4 paws up and a tail. Dee and the Big Guy give them 5 out of 5 stars.

Peace out, Maddie Mae

PS Send pupachinos and breakfast tacos.

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