Holy Week: Monday

Throughout Lent and as I have been preparing for Easter Chris Tomlin’s At the Cross has been playing in my head. Holy Week is a time to reflect on what Christ has done for me.   I know “sin” is topic that isn’t very popular or politically correct in our society. However, the simple truth is that as humans we all mess up, we fail to hit the mark. Simply sin is failing to measure up to God’s standards.  I certainly mess up and don’t deserve the grace that God has lavishly bestowed upon me.

At the Cross by Chris Tomlin

Author: TheDeeZone

I write about things I find interesting this include music, movies, cooking, religion, news and whatever else pops in my ADHD brain. As a my tagline says: "The musings of an ADHD mind."I'm never really sure what is will catch my interest.

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