Or my fashion advice

A few weeks ago the Big Guy and I were at the mall for some reason, on a Saturday. I know absolutely crazy and I’m not much of a shopper.  I have a 5 store shopping limit. Oh, well that is a post for another day back to my original rant. We had stopped at one of those over priced chain coffee type places. The Big Guy was enjoying chai tea, I’m sure I had something with coffee in it. So we were sitting in the “outside” seating area by the coffee shop watching a live music group, that too is for another post, I’ll try to post some pictures of the group. Anyway we had great seats until others decided to stand in front of us. That is mildly annoying but fair because of the location, except for the one young lady (either a teen or 20 something) who decided to stand right in front of The Big Guy. I think she must have been wearing her little sisters shorts, because these shorts were way too short. Good grief butt cheeks where hanging out. Of course this was not a sight either one of us wanted to  see.

So for the past couple of weeks a few thoughts have been bouncing through my head.  I have a couple of decades experience working with teens and young adults as an educator, church and on the job. One issue that often has to be dealt with is what is acceptable dress.  Even when I was younger I never really got into wearing skimpy clothes. Shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops are more my style.  When I wear shorts I prefer cargo pockets because of all the pockets.

It makes me cringe when I see a teen or young woman dressed like that. I think  the message that media and our society sends is that to get a guy you have to dress in a provocative manner. I just want to scream have a little respect for yourself. It is okay to dress attractively but you don’t need to provide a full show for everyone. One of my high school teachers used to say be careful about the bait you use, because you might not like what you catch. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by a single aspect.

So here is my fashion advice: Seriously, people watch what you wear.  It just is not attractive if you have body parts hanging out of your clothes. Oh, yeah and look in a mirror before you leave home.



2 thoughts on “Please Put On More Clothes

  1. The sad part here is that girls are taught this early…I went shopping for Podling some shorts for the summer – she will be six next week-and dangit if all the shorts were super duper short. I couldn’t help but think why designers think it is ok to put small children in hot pants or things really tight. :-/

    While I think adults should be able to wear what they want….I really don’t like them marketing to kids because they don’t understand the implications as far as creeps go creeping on pre-pubesant and small girls because of their clothes. thankfully I still have a lot of BH’s shorts I make her wear.

    As far as the young woman in your post…I will never understand why you would want your a$$ hanging out anyway…wouldn’t that be uncomfortable??


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