After reading BurgerFi‘s website I was pumped to check out their new Gainesville, Florida location. The website promised burgers done right with fresh, never frozen hormone free meat. They do make a good burger. It was a bit pricey even for a trendy place. It is not the place to go if you have allergies.


Food: Good. The burgers and fries were good. The concrete was slightly above average. Watch out for the awful Coke Freestyle machine if you have allergies. They do offer lemonade, tea and gourmet bottled soda. If you get a lemonade or tea you will need to convince someone to get a cup of ice from the machine in the back. Be warned that the manger is clueless about allergies.

Selection: Good. They have burger, dogs, fries and concretes.

Service: Ok. The manger was quick to fix an overcharge issue but indifferent and elusive when approached with allergy questions. He kept pointing to a sign about peanut oil and say that was a warning about allergies. Well, only if you are allergic to allergies.

Atmosphere: Cool.

Allergy Rating: Dangerous. They have one of those awful Coke Freestyles machines. There is a sign about peanut oil being used. The management feels that sign absolves them from any responsibility regarding allergies. It is hard to find out what is in anything. In fact the manager stated because of that sign they are not required to provide any information about possible allergens. That sign means eat at your own risk.

Overall: Average. Probably won’t go back.

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