Top 10: More Interesting American History Facts

top10BSeveral years ago I wrote Top 10: American History Facts. It has been a very popular post the last couple of weeks. Thought I would add a second installment.

#10:  The Red Cross has a Congressional charter even though it isn’t a government agency. It was chartered in 1990 to provide disaster relief and provide assistance to the military families.

#9:   President James Madison was the 1st graduate student at Princeton University.

#8: African-American inventor Elijah McCoy, created a device to keep train wheels oiled while the train was running. There were other similar devices but McCoy’s was the best. Station agents would ask for the “Real McCoy.”

#7: The seven rays on the Statue of Liberty’s crown represent the seven continents.

#6: The Texas Capitol is 15 feet taller than  the U.S. Capitol.

#5:  Hawaii is the only state in the U.S. where coffee is grown.

#4:JFK was a huge James Bond fan.

#3: Alaska has a longer coast line than all other states combined.

#2: The Adelsverin or Society for the Protection of German Immigrants in Texas was created in 1842 to promote a mass immigration movement to the Republic of Texas and create a new German state in America. The society encountered many difficulties and internal conflict but about 7,000 Germans immigrated before  the society folded in 1847. 

#1:  The 50-Star was designed by Robert G. Heft created the design as a class project. He was originally given a grade of B-. After the flag was adopted by Congress his grade was changed to an A.


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