One of my favorite lunch place is The Willows Café in the Lake Butler Hospital (Lake Butler, FL). That’s right the hospital. I know all of the jokes about hospital food.  Willows isn’t typical hospital food. The menu features daily specials and a nice selections of salads and sandwiches.  My favorite day is taco salad day. I also like the spinach and salmon salad.  Oh, they always have a good selection of desserts but I rarely have room for desserts.


Food: Excellent.  Very reasonably priced.

Selection: Excellent. The hot line varies every day plus there is a good selection salads and sandwich.

Service: Awesome. The staff is always friendly.

Atmosphere: Nice. Very relaxing for a lunch time break.

Allergy Rating: Excellent. There is no allergy menu but the staff is very helpful and will find out what is in the dishes.

Overall: Outstanding. One of my favorites.

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