I have intended to write several posts this week. It seems my week had a lot of blog worthy randomness. Since I didn’t get it written and it is already Thursday night I’m going to roll it all into one stream of consciousness type thing.

Random tidbits for the week:

  • Police in Sherman Oaks, CA respond to a silent alarm at gamer studio. Just watch the video
  • The area code for Hamilton County Florida is 386. Many phone numbers in Hamilton County, Texas are 386-XXXX.
  • There is a Union Baptist Church in the community of Houston, Florida. The Union Baptist Association is in Houston, Texas.
  • Who thought the name Whack-A-Doo was a good name for a hair salon? I mean seriously I don’t want anyone whacking near my hair.
  • A love letter from WWII era was delivered nearly 70 years after it was sent. Wonder where it as been all those years? How did it just appear in the mail?


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