Writing a book is something I have often thought about.  I used to come up with ideas for a book but did nothing about it because I thought I couldn’t write.

I’ve actually considered writing two books. One about my experiences/lessons learned from working in retail. The other book would be from my experience as a teacher.

After I discovered that I enjoyed writing I have seriously considered writing a book. I’m just leery of self-published companies.  Working in the bookstore I dealt with several people who had self-published books. Most made enough to cover the expenses of publishing the book.  So for now I’m will stick with blogging.

2 thoughts on “Maybe I Should Write a Book

  1. You should totally sign up for NANOWRIMO. You can do it any month, but the official month is November and they have all kinds of tools and communities for support. The idea is to write a novel of 50000 words in 30 days…but it doesn’t have to be fiction. You can write what you want. I tried it this year, failed miserably…but intend to try again next year. You can also get perks for “winning”.

    Also, if you want to write you should try a software called Scrivner. It is reasonably priced (about $40 I think) and it really helps keep things in order.


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