AKA another rant.

I had an interesting experience last week.  I was called to testify as a witness for a traffic accident.  When I was notified about the hearing I was shocked that the kid was fighting the ticket. He failed to yield to an oncoming vehicle and was clearly at fault. There were numerous witnesses besides he had to know it was his fault.  As I sat in the courtroom I was amazed at how many people got off simply because either the other party or the officer didn’t show up.  The kid got off not because he was innocent but because one of the key parties failed to show up. The kid was smiling as he looked at his dad after the judge dismissed the case. I walked out of the courtroom disgusted at the entire process .

I was appalled that the dad didn’t use this opportunity to teach his son a valuable lesson about responsibility. Instead his son learned to fight responsibility. There seems to be a big problem in our society today with responsibility.  When faced with responsibility for one’s own actions many would rather blame someone. It is easier to sue, blame others or run from our responsibilities rather that be held accountable.

Yes, the kid had a right to fight and waste taxpayers money. It wasn’t a case of being wrongly accused it was a case of a failure to own up to it.  It might have had somewhat harsh consequences for the kid but sometimes it is necessary to do something because it is the right thing to do.

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