Highlights from the 3rd year of the The Dee Zone v 3.1.

05 July 2009: 3 Things

In Bible Study recently we discussed what does it really mean to be a Christian. Some have tried to turn being a Christian into a bunch of do’s and don’ts. So, being a Christian becomes just a bunch of rules. The word Christian literally mean’s Christ follower.  As Christians we should be imitators or followers of Christ. I think it is more than following rules. As we grow in our relationship with Christ we should become more like Him. So what does that look like in our lives if we focus on following Christ and not just a bunch of rules?  A good place to start is with three commands that Jesus gave. Continue…

U.S. Flag27 Aug 2009: God Guide Us

There is a business in our town that has a patriotic themed building. Among the decorations is a banner with the following:

God bless America, stand beside her and guide her.

Had to wait at the light near this business today and began thinking about that sign. The first thing that struck me was the last part “… and guide her.”  God is a gentleman and will not force his will on anyone, family, church, or even nation. He will only guide those who are willing to be led by him. More…

15 Sept 2009: Trust

Today marks the tenth anniversary of an event that was one of those darkest nights. It was this event that caused me to realize safety comes in knowing who holds our future and not our physical location. Things can happen even in places that are supposed to be safe.  Our trust belongs solely in God’s hands.  Many times in life I have found comfort, strength and encouragement from music, Shine On Us is one of those songs. Listen to the song.

9 Jan 2010: So Long and Good Luck, Timmy

Last Friday’s Sugar bowl marked the end of an era for Gator Nation.  It was the last game for one of most accomplished classes in Gator Football history.  Tim Tebow had an amazing run as the quarterback for the University of Florida. He won the Heisman as a sophomore. I really wasn’t in favor of Tebow winning the Heisman as a sophomore because I believe the award should be reserved for seniors. Yes, I think players shouldn’t be allowed to go to the NFL until at least after their junior year.  Tebow also graduated in December 2009. Graduating in 3 1/2 years is accomplishment for any student especially an athlete. More

11 April 2010: The Mission of the Church

The church’s mission is to reach others for Christ and to help them become mature followers of Christ. When our plans or priorities conflict with that mission we must change. The mission statement Christ issued for his followers is actually quite simple, “Go and Make Disciples“. Somehow along the way it is easy for a body of believers to forget that mission. Read the rest.

Top 1010 May 2010: Top 10 – Signs You Might Be A Nerd

This post was inspired by a recent conversation with The Big Guy. For some unexplained reason our conversation evolved or eroded to a discussion about our favorite search engine from back in the day (late 90′s/early 2000s).

#10: Your pet has a Facebook, MySpace, Twitter or blog page.

#9: You have more gaming systems than TVs.

#8: When moving to a new place the entertainment system and network are the first things setup. More...

07 June 2010: That Room

We moved into a new house at the first of May. I quickly had most of the house unpacked except one room. The room is supposed to be a guest room/office but became the dumping place for all boxes. I felt defeated every time I walked in the room and saw the mess. Continue

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