Well it has been 4 years for this version of The Dee Zone.  In honor of that I thought I would share some of the highlights from the past 4 years.

Year 1 in Review July 2007-June 2008


07 July 2007: Dyslexia Explained

In recent months there has been much discussion about Dyslexia and its existence. Some experts claim that it does not exist. Yet dyslexia does exist. It is the most common cause of reading problems.One common misunderstanding is that dyslexia is simply seeing or reading things backwards. Dyslexia is much more than reversing letters it is a processing problem that can affect both written and spoken language. The International Dyslexia Association defines dyslexia as: “Dyslexia is a specific learning disability that is neurological in origin. It is characterized by difficulties with accurate and/or fluent word recognition and by poor spelling and decoding abilities.”  Read more…

frusboy.jpg24 August 2007: What Every Parent of A Child With Learning Disabilities Needs to Know

First learn about your child’s learning disability. Find out the symptoms or traits and problems this disability may cause. Be sure to keep a record of every meeting, test results and diagnosis your child has. More…

grad.jpg09 Nov 2007: A Well Rounded Education?

Our society has become obsessed with getting good test scores. Standardized test scores have become the most important benchmark for accessing the quality of schools, teachers and students. Unfortunately, this has created a school culture that focuses only on tests scores. Teaching to the tests and basic standards has led to the elimination of subjects that are deemed unnecessary. Education should be about preparing students for life not just passing a test. Read more …

Itchy tags 19 Dec 2007: Itchy Tag

I’m trying to work  but unfortunately I’m distracted by an itchy tag. There is nothing worse than creating the optimal work environment only to be distracted by something as trivial as an itchy tag. I just hate the little tags in the back of shirt collars. So, if one tag isn’t bad enough some shirts have a tag on the side as well. More…

ryan.gif11 Feb 2008: Why Roger Clemens Will Never Be as Great A Pitcher as Nolan Ryan!!!

A couple of years ago I read a discussion in the Houston Chronicle about Roger Clemens and Nolan Ryan and who was the better pitcher.  Recent developments have convinced me that Nolan Ryan is and always will be a better pitcher. Here’s why. Read More …

27 March 2008: Sky Watch Friday: Here Come the Bats

This is from my first Sky Watch Friday. It is still one of my favorite photos.

The bats look more like transparent little kites. They are fruit bats at the U.F. bat house.

More on the bats.


David Crowder15 Apr 2008: More Thoughts on Christian Music

Last week I wrote a post about Christian Music. There were some comments about Christian musicians imitating secular musicians. One complaint I have heard many times is that some Christian musicians do not look very Christian. I believe that we should judge music by the lyrics. What message is it sending. More…

01 May 2008: Sky Watch Friday — Animal Kingdom

That tree is actually a person.

This is one of my favorite shots. Look closely the tree is really a person.
See more, including the sky shot.

Annoying people18 Jun 2008: Don’t Take This Personally

Recently, I had a conversation with someone that began with “don’t take this personally” and was followed by a very judgmental blanket statement. Of course, I was offended my character was being attacked. When I became upset the person said now I told you it was not personal. This person did not even understand why I would be upset. Apparently prefacing a personal attack with “don’t take personally” somehow absolves he/she from any responsibility. It is a free ticket for rudeness. The other contention I had with this individual was the use of blanket statements. More ranting…

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