Cancer patient Ronald Flanagan lost his insurance coverage over 2 cents. That’s right 2 cents. It seems that a few months ago Flanagan’s wife Frances accidentally  paid $328.67 for their monthly premium instead of $328.69. The Flanagan’s did not receive any notification from Ceridian Cobra Services which administers their health plan about the late payment. December’s bill did have 2 cents added but no explanation. In January the Flanagan’s received notification that their insurance had been canceled for non-payment.  They received notification as Flanagan was in the process of undergoing prep work for a stem cell transplant scheduled for February.  Their insurance has since be re-instated but Flanagan has lost his place on the transplant waiting list.

It is absolutely absurd that their coverage was canceled over 2 cents. The Flanagan’s did pay the next month but to be canceled over such a trivial amount is absurd.  What I found even more outrageous is the response given by Ceridian’s Chief Commercial Officer Bert Valdez when asked if Ceridian had apologized to the Flanagans, “”For what specifically? … We followed the normal procedures that were in complete compliance with the law and with regulations.”  While Ceridian may have acted with in the law whomever made the decision to cancel the Flanagan’s policy without first attempting to resolve the situation showed a serious lack of common sense and compassion.  Ceridian at the very least owes the Flanagan’s an apology.

Source: ABC News

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