I heard a statistic on the news this week that troubled me. So far this year 13 law enforcement officers have been killed in the line of duty or died from injuries sustained in the line of duty.  Those 13 officers are more than statistic. I wanted to put a faces on those numbers. Law enforcement officers are underpaid and often put in life threatening situations. It seems like that many times we forget the important job the police officers perform.

1 January

Deputy Suzanne Hopper
Clark County  Sheriff’s Department
Clark County, OH

4 January

Deputy John Norsworthy
Fort Bend  County Sheriff’s Department
Fort Bend County, TX

5 January

Chief of Police Ralph Painter
Rainer Police Department
Rainer, OR

9 January

Police Officer William H. Torbit Jr.
Baltimore City Police Department
Baltimore, MD

13 January

Police Officer Rogerio Morales
Davie Police Department
Davie, FL

14 January

Police Officer Christopher Matlosz
Lakewood Police Department
Lakewood, NJ

17 January

Police Officer Larry Nehasil
Livonia Police Department
Livonia, MI

20 January

Detective Roger Castillo


Detective Amanda Haworth
Miami-Dade Police Department
Miami, FL

21 January

Corporal Charles Richard (Chuck) Nesbitt Jr.
Sumter Police Department
Sumter, SC

January 24, 2011

Sergeant Tom Baitinger


Police Officer Jeffrey Yaslowitz
St. Petersburg Police Department
St. Petersburg, FL

26 January

Officer David Moore
Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department
Indianapolis, IN

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