We have just moved to a new house. I dread moving. It is a difficult and at times an insurmountable task. It involves a lot of tedious and very boring work. I always reach a point where I’m just ready to toss it all because what is packed must eventually be unpacked. There is an upside to moving, the chance for a fresh start. There is something refreshing about a new place once everything is unpacked. As I was unpacking the endless mound of boxes I realized there are some Spiritual lessons to be learned from moving.

First, God is in the business of fresh starts and second chances. God is willing to forgive us when we make a mess of things, clean up the mess and give us another chance. This doesn’t mean there are no consequences from past actions.

Sometimes you just have to get rid of the junk. Moving can be a time for re-evaluation and to toss out unneeded junk. Periodically we need to take a spiritual evaluation and toss out the junk in our lives. Just like in moving it can be hard work and isn’t always easy.

A change of location can also change ones outlook and perspective. Being in a new non-mold infested place has definitely changed my perspective. Our old place had so many problems that just going home was draining and depressing. It seemed like every time a problem was fixed 4 more new ones popped up. It is possible to get ourselves in an environment that impedes spiritual growth.

3 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. Dee- I know you will enjoy your new home is such a lovely forested setting! And very nice thoughts about throwing out the old and getting on with the new. Thanks for sharing.



  2. I love your blogs. They are so “right on”!
    I love the area where your new home is.

    Your “Fresh Start” blog reminded me of a very difficult move I had to make and a poem I wrote about it.
    I had planted several hundred flower bulbs and would never see them bloom. The plants were up about two inches when I had to leave my home and my children. I hoed around the little leaves while waiting for someone to help me move. As I cried, this poem came into my mind and gave me great comfort.


    I find I am crying over
    Yet to bloom.

    New leaves sprouting
    My life.

    Now I must leave behind
    Everything I know.

    I will plant
    New seeds
    In new soil.

    God has promised me,
    Will bloom
    As beautifully
    And I can watch them grow.

    We will grow together,
    These flower bulbs and I
    And comfort to my soul.

    In the Winter of my grief
    I cannot understand–

    God waits for me
    With Spring held in His hand.

    By Sandra G


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