Season 7: Episode 18 -- Wagstaff Family

After the Extreme Makeover Build in Gainesville, Florida I begin hearing rumors about the show that trouble me. After doing some investigation I have been able to confirm one of the rumors. It seems that some recipients of the homes have lost their home because they cannot afford the mortgage, increased taxes and/or increased utilities bills.

Ty Pennington and the Extreme Makeover Home Edition crew are known for building outrageous dream homes for deserving families. The concept of the show is great but it is time for some downsizing. It is still possible to provide nice affordable housing that will meet the needs of the families without causing future problems.

9 thoughts on “Is Extreme Makeover Home Edition Too Extreme?

  1. I have read some articles, where this has happened. But it appears to be very few; and it’s not always the “big house” that causes the people to lose money; but that they are prone to lose money, and those lose their house.


    1. I think the increased housing expenses for those who are barely surviving is the biggest contributor. From what i read about 20-30 home owners are in trouble.


  2. maybe true, however 2 things about this. Some people, no matter how much money you give them, nor what you do for them, they will always end up losing everything. Maybe Home Makeovers, in addition to giving them a new house, should give them money management instructions also (although this is not always the case).

    Also, however, it seems someone always wants to see the negative side of everything. I worked on a Home Makeover project myself… and I have to say, the good they do FAR OUTWEIGHS the negative. And you cant help everyone with everything. There is only so much they can do. The individuals getting the house need to be responsible and try to help themselves also.


    1. I think the show does a good job. However building a 5,000 sq ft house all decked out for a family who is barely making it is a little rough unless the family’s income also changes. It may not be that they don’t know how to manage money but rather they don’t have the resources to begin with.


  3. Extreme Makeover is the only TV show I watch regularly. I love it. However, I often wonder if the family will be able to afford the new home and am glad on the occasions when the old mortgage is paid off or the family is given an allowance. My personal negative is that whenever I see a vaulted ceiling all I can think about is the wasted space and the cost of heating and cooling such a area. It’s not like there is an option to close a door to the ceiling area when not in use.


  4. I do have concerns for the family when I see the beautiful homes and wonder how they are going to pay the property taxes.


  5. They sure built a huge one up here in Alaska. Granted, the family is large, but the house dwarfs the neighborhood. Plus we have very high heating costs during the long winter. That’s the key difference between a Makeover house and a Habitat for Humanity house. The Habitat houses are more modest so the new owners can afford the upkeep and bills. Ultimately, the show is about ratings, not necessarily the best future interests of the new owners.


  6. Quinn, I agree.

    AK: I think Ty really ultimately wants to help the family. He has a tendency to get caught up in a project and go over board.When on Trading Spaces Ty once spent $900 of the $1000 on a single project without checking with the designer first.


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