ID10T Award: Mother of the Year Canidate

ID10T It has been a while since I found a candidate worthy of an ID10T Award. The actions of Alabama mom Jackie Knott just leave you wondering what she was thinking or if she was even thinking.  Last week Knott was charged with endangering the welfare of a child after she allowed her 13-year-old daughter to ride in a box atop her mini-van.  Oh, did I mention she was stopped driving on the highway.  It seems the box was too big for the van. Her daughter was in the box to keep it from flying off the mini-van.  When stopped by police Knott responded that it was safe because the box was secured with a coat hanger. Yes, that is right a coat hanger, not rope, a bungee-tie down, duct tape or even bailing wire.  I didn’t realize coat hangers were known for their strength. Knott’s daughter did not suffer any physical injuries from the incident and is currently in the care of relatives.



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