Give A Day

Cinderella's Castle

Just heard about a cool program that Disney has for 2010. It is Give a Day, Get A Day. Disney is giving a free park ticket for those who volunteer in selected community service projects.  Sign-up begins January 1, 2010 but is you can sign up for email reminders not.  I think it is a cool way to encourage community service.

Repost: Reflection on Yom Kippur

Today is Yom Kippur, which literally means Day of Atonement. In Leviticus 16:29-30, a day is set aside to for humans to atone for offenses committed against God. The Day of Atonement does not include offenses committed against other humans. It is necessary to restore relationships with other humans before approaching God. Yom Kippur is still one of the most important holidays to Jews and its observance is approached with reverence.

As Christians, we believe that Christ has already made atonement for our sins making a Day of Atonement is unnecessary (Hebrews 7:27). We are able to approach God directly without the intervention of a priest. Although sometimes it seems that, we are a little flippant about our offenses against God. There is an attitude that as long as we tell God we are sorry then we can do our own thing. I think many times we fail to see the gravity of our offenses against God or others. Yes, God forgives us but the cost of our transgression is costly. Christ paid the price of our sins. To me what is amazing it that Christ did this willing even though we were estranged from Him due to our own selfishness (See Romans 5:6-11).

While I personally may not observe Yom Kippur, I do think it is a good time to reflect on Christ redemptive work on the cross and its impact on my life. I am not advocating dwelling on my wrong doings but rather emphasizing God’s grace in my life.

Meditate by Out of Eden

Out of Eden was the first group signed with Gotee records.  It was a sibling trio of Lisa, Andrea and Danielle Kimmey.  The sisters who grew up in Africa got their start performing with their mother who was a classical performer.

Confused Fox

newsRead this in the Gainesville Sun and it is worth sharing.  It yesterday a confused young fox wandered into a K-Mart.  Yes, that is right. Guess he was just looking for a blue light special. The  Alachua County Sheriffs Department begin receiving calls about a fox around 3:30 Sunday afternoon. I’m sure it must have been shocking for both the fox and K-Mart shoppers. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any pictures of the fox.

Sky Watch: Bat House at Lake Alice


I took these in July at  bat house near Lake Alice on the University of Florida Campus.  I wanted to include to a shot of the bat house. On an earlier post about the bat house I had one commenter questioned whether my pictures really were bats. He wanted to know how I knew they were bats.  Well notice the bat picture on the bat house. Unfortunately, last month the bat house collapsed leaving thousands of bats homeless.

The little gray/black lines in the top right hand side are bats.


Bat House
Bat House
Alligator swimming in Lake Alice.
Alligator swimming in Lake Alice.

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