Created this logo for the young adult ministry at church and would appreicate input on it. Let me know what you think or ways it can be improved.


6 thoughts on “Input Please

  1. Hi

    I think it is well done. I looked at it looking for symbolism for what it is designed to be, a logo for a Christian ministry. I like the visual of seeing the word rooted and below it, the Bible verse. I like that the leaves are in 3s which reminds me of the Trinity. I feel like something needs to be done with the roots. Could the roots be modified to reflect the Bible verse notation? Just an idea. I think it’s nicely done!


  2. Hi. Don’t know you, don’ have any art degree or anything like that, but saw the request for input. I think the lines for the roots should be longer/deeper/more involved, but looks great 🙂


  3. You should crop out any excess sky or ground. The roots could be more detailed. And maybe have some divine light shining from above.


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