The theme for National Blog Posting Month is heroes. Posting on the theme is optional but I am going to try to post something each week about heroes. Some would consider athletes, rock stars or other celebrities heroes. Or maybe heroes are those who show extraordinary bravery and selflessness. I have been thinking about the  qualities that define a hero.

Tony Dungy

Integrity is the most important quality.  You may be wondering why does the character of a hero matter. Whether they want to be or not heroes are role models. Intentionally or unintentionally we emulate the behaviors of our heroes.  Former NFL coach Tony Dungy  is a great example of a hero that is also a man of integrity and honor.

tim_tebowHumility is another quality I think is valuable in a hero. There is nothing more repulsive to me than seeing athletes or other celebrities constantly talk smack and act like they are the center of the universe.  One of the things I admire about University of Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is his humility. He has his priorities order. Tebow is quick to share credit for wins with his teammates. When the Gators loose Tebow is quick to take responsibility.

bbatesAnother quality common in many heroes is perseverance. Sometimes it may involve overcoming great obstacles or difficulties.  Other times a the person may have a strong work ethic. Former Dallas Cowboys safety Bill Bates is someone who accomplished much because of his willingness to work hard. By his own admission Bates was merely an average player who worked hard.

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