Sky Watch Friday: Nombre de Dios Mission

One of our favorite places to visit is St. Augustine, Florida. We make a trip there every couple of months. Each time we try to find something we haven't seen before. This time we decided to visit Nombre de Dios Mission. On 8 September 1565, Pedro Menedez de Aviles landed and claimed the land for … Continue reading Sky Watch Friday: Nombre de Dios Mission

Hometown Hero

Maybe the subtitle should be Town of Heroes.  The folks in the North Texas town of Krum rallied together to grant a wish for 5-year-old cancer patient Reagan Richards. Reagen’s wish is to celebrate Christmas.  Reagan has been asking her dad for Christmas.  She was diagnosed last year with glioblastoma, a rare and aggressive brain … Continue reading Hometown Hero

Never Going Back to Okay by The Afters

If you aren't family with the Afters. They are a band should check out.  They started at a Starbucks in Mesquite, Texas where lead vocalist Josh Havens and vocalist/guitarist Matt Fuqua worked.  Havens and Fuqua recruited  vocalist/guitarist Brad Wigg and drummer Marc Dodd.  They begin preforming under the name Blisse. The band signed with Sony/INO … Continue reading Never Going Back to Okay by The Afters

Thoughts on Love

Found this tidbit  a couple of weeks ago in the devotional I was reading. Your love for God is only as great as the love you have for the person you love the least. -- Dorothy Day The more I think about it the more profound it is.  A quick look in the concordance and … Continue reading Thoughts on Love

How many of these 100 books have you read

Yes, another Facebook meme. According to the BBC, most people will have only read 6 of the 100 books here. I've read or attempted to read half the books on the list. Of course, my mom was an English teacher. She always had a reading list for me. Instructions: Look at the list and put … Continue reading How many of these 100 books have you read