kcavutoFinally, Katie Cavuto got booted. According to the judges she has been in the bottom 3 the past 3 weeks.  This time there was no one weaker and the trouble makers were all gone. Katie seemed surprised that she got booted. For some reason she thought she nailed it. She did show some improvement. Her condescending health nut approach is a real turn off.

Jamika Pessoa

Jamika Pessoa really struggled once again this week. She seems to be quite knowledgeable and is very likable. However she just  can’t seem to get it together on the show. In the first challenge this week Jamika forgot to cook, hello this is a cooking show.. In the second challenge she froze and Jeffery did most of their segment.   Somehow I just don’t think Jamika is going to make it past next.  Hopefully, she will turn it around next week. Michael Proietti

Surprisingly Michael Proietti landed in the bottom three. His biggest weakness is that Michael is openly afraid of the camera. He has a great personality and comes up with very creative food.   Michael’s presentation on the first challenge was great. In the second challenge Michael was paired with Melissa. Personally, I liked their presentation. The judges didn’t seem to care for Michael’s lack of participation. It took him a while to get in the game.

Jeffery SaadJeffery Saad really turned it around this week. Jeffery’s presentation in the first challenge may have been his best performance yet. He did a great job of presenting tofu in a kid friendly way. The kid judges really liked his presentation. It was so good that I would have been willing to try his golden tofu nuggets.  The second challenge was a different story. Jeffery was paired with Jamika. It was obvious from the beginning that the two had serious differences and it really showed in the presentation. dlee

Debbie Lee’s performance was ok. Bobby Flay was very annoyed that Debbie’s motiviation for doing most things is that she is Korean.  It is time for Debbie to have a reason other than being Korean.  I really like her and wish she would have a consistant performance.  I think Debbie could do a good job on Food Network.

Melissa d'ArabianOnce again Melissa d’Arabian did very well. The kid judges really liked her food for the first challenge.  One glitch was that Melissa hasn’t quite got timing down. The challenge was to make an adult food kid friendly. Her food was brussel sprouts. Melissa mixed the brussel sprouts with smashed potatoes but also served some raw brussel sprouts on the side. The reason for the raw food was that it was a trick she had learned to help her children learn to eat new foods. Unfortunately, she ran out of time and forgot to explain that to the judges. I think it would have been much better if that had come out before the evaluation.  Melissa and Michael teamed up in the second challenge. She really carried their presentation.  I would really like to see a non-professional win this thing.

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