top10Yes, this is another one inspired by a Facebook Pick 5.

#10:Legos. I enjoyed building and making things.

#9: Dr. Seuss books. First book I could “read” was Old Hat, New Hat. Ok, so I really had it memorized.

#8: My toy truck and trailer. My granddaddy gave me this. I loved hauling things in my truck.

#7: Swings. I loved going to the park with my daddy and playing on the swings.

#6: Horses. Think I picked up my love for horses from my Granddaddy. Not sure I would have learned to read if it hadn’t been for books about horses.

#5: Orange Soda. This was before I developed a severe allergy to orange.  Orange was my favorite flavor of anything. Sadly, I haven’t had an orange soda since preschool days.

#4:  Church. Yes, that’s right I really enjoyed going to church as a child. Our church was a great place for kids. I especially enjoyed the children’s choir program.

#3: Madame Alexander Victoria Baby Doll. My Vicky doll was probably my favorite toy as a child and my constant companion.

#2: Our Dog Polly.Pollyanna was one of our dogs when I was a child. She was part beagle. Polly was a part of the family.

My Granddady is holding me. Polly is in front of my Daddy.
My Grandaddy is holding me. Polly is in front of my Daddy.

#1: My Granddaddy. Granddaddy was my hero. I enjoyed spending time with him as a child. Some of my favorite memories from childhood include my Granddaddy. Spending time on the farm, his shop or just being with him.

2 thoughts on “Top 10: Things I Liked When I was Little

  1. When I visited my parents last, my dad gave a picture of me and my grandpa. It was his treasured photo. We didn’t have many of grandpa. He died when I was little. I cried when he gave it to me.


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