Top 10: Things I Liked When I was Little

Yes, this is another one inspired by a Facebook Pick 5. #10:Legos. I enjoyed building and making things. #9: Dr. Seuss books. First book I could "read" was Old Hat, New Hat. Ok, so I really had it memorized. #8: My toy truck and trailer. My granddaddy gave me this. I loved hauling things in … Continue reading Top 10: Things I Liked When I was Little

I am Still a Kid

I was tagged by Rebecca. I am tagging: Alan, Elfninosmom, Ellen, Mama Curry & Paperdreamer everyone else who’s reading this. List 5 things you still do, that you did when you were a baby/little kid.  I still eat PB&J for lunch. I still listen to music all the time. Homemade chocolate pudding (no not the … Continue reading I am Still a Kid

Friday’s Feast

Appetizer Name a color you find soothing. Blue or purple Soup Using 20 or less words, describe your first driving experience. It was on a curvy country road near our farm. Very scary. Salad What material is your favorite item of clothing made out of? Shirt: knit t-shirt material Shorts: denim Main Course Who is … Continue reading Friday’s Feast