iraqI just read this article about an absolutely intolerable and deplorable situation.  It seems that some troops in Iraq lack one of the most basic needs: water. The contractors charged with supplying troops with water are failing to deliver clean water to some troops. Apparently, many do not have access to clean water for drinking or even showers. A Houston-based company KBR is supposed to be supplying US troops with water. However this is not happen. Some soldiers do have access to water while many others do not.  One of the problems that public water supplies in Iraq are not properly treated.

Technically the U.S. armed forces are made up of volunteers meaning that there is no draft or mandatory service.  Those who have chosen to serve our country deserve not only our respect but adaqt supplies to accomplish there mission. Securing a safe water source should be the least of their worries.

2 thoughts on “Some US Troops Lack Water

  1. I wonder how much that contractor is being paid for not doing the job? I’d bet it’s many millions, since the military tends to pay far more than they really need to pay for everything.

    That brings me to my next thought, which is what connections the owners of that company have to someone high up in the US government. Since they are so incompetent, chances are they got the fat government contract due to that connection, rather than due to some expertise at the job they are hired to perform.

    All in all, war profiteers make me physically nauseous.


  2. ENM: I’m sure they are over paid. It is upsetting that our troops are being harmed. Regardless of one’s personal position about the war we are for now stuck with it. US troops are stuck in the middle. They deserve to be treated with respect and not have to worry about the basics.


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