Last week I featured The Swamp home of the Florida Gators football team for both My World Tuesday and Sky Watch. Today’s SWF is a companion to this week’s My World Tuesday and features the O’Connell Center home of the Florida Gators Basketball teams.  Unfortunately, I was not able to get any pictures inside the O’Dome.The Gators Men’s basketball team brought home two of three National championships that UF won in 2006-2007.



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7 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: O’Connell Center

  1. Hey, Dee! Great pictures of the dome. Great shot of the sky in the background. Speaking of championships, I heard the announcers for the Fl-Vandy game predicting the Gators winning the national championship no matter who wins the Big 12. 🙂


  2. Fickleminded, Fishing Guy: TY

    Gary: Me too I’ve never seen inside the O’Dome.

    Rebeckah: Yes you do & congrats.

    Quinn: TY. Well the Big Guy & I were discussing the possibility of Texas Tech playing either the Gators or Bama for the Championship. This year the Big 12 is doing better than the SEC just look at the number of Big 12 teams that are rated. The announcers are just homers for the SEC.


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