Pollyanna was one of our dogs when I was a child.  Polly was part beagle and was pretty spoiled. My parents were concerned that she would  not like having me around but decided that it was her job to guard me. Polly was a part of the family. She loved to go to Dairy Queen for an ice cream cone. She would do just about anything for my spaghetti or my mom’s lemon cake.

Polly and her people
"Polly & Her People": my Granddaddy, I'm the squirmy little one, my Popi and Polly.

Polly is trying to wake me up.  Yes, I'm the little one sitting in my mom's lap.
Polly is trying to wake me up. Yes, I am the little one sitting in my mom's lap. Polly thought it was her job to wake me up. I actually woke up in a good mood when she woke me up. Yep those that know me will find that hard to believe.
Polly is in the background
Polly is in the background. My cousin & I are in the foreground. He is holding one of our other dogs Patrice. I was in a bad mood because I didn't get to wear my red Keds like he did.

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17 thoughts on “ABC Wednesday: P is for Polly

  1. When you were an infant, Polly parked beneath your bassinette when your mom had to go outside to hang out clothes.

    Later Polly would wait impatiently outside your bedroom door until it would be opened and permission would be granted for her to awaken you.

    Polly learned to spell:
    GO and LEASH. She never learned to spell STRING.


  2. Antigoni, Earthlingourgous, Baboshaka & DJ: TY

    Photowannabe: Yes she was.

    Desilas: Yes I aggree, every child should have a dog.

    Ellen: My granddaddy was a real cowboy. He had a farm and was a saddle maker.

    Mom aka Polly: Polly did like to wake me up in the morning.


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