Note: Walt Disney World is in Florida. Disney Land is in California.

The Magic Kingdom is the oldest of the 4 major parks at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida and is similar to Disney Land in California.

Cinderella's Castle

Each of the major parks at WDW has one iconic structure at the Magic Kingdom it is Cinderella’s Castle.  Inside the castle is a gift shop and character dining with Cinderella. If you are planning a trip to Walt Disney World and want to take your little princess to Cinderella’s feast be sure to make your reservations early. Reservations for any restaurant can be made a year in advance by calling (407) WDW-DINE. No, I didn’t have to look that one up, it is one of those numbers that just sticks in your head. One the other side of the castle is Fantasyland and one of my favorite rides.

The Big Guy & I on the carosuel.
The Big Guy & I on the carousel.

Carousels have always been one of my favorite rides since I was a little child.  Looks like the uniform of the day was school attire. We are both wearing shirts from one of our alma maters. The Big Guy is even wearing a hat from another of his alma maters.

Jungle Cruise
Jungle Cruise

The Jungle Cruise is located in Adventureland. I featured the Jungle Cruise for ABC Wednesday J. Got a pingback from one of those fake blog sites that steals content from other blogs. The poser site was about cruise information and made it look like my post was about an actual cruise. It even had a link to book the cruise.

There is actually a ride on the top of that tower.
There is actually a ride on the top of that tower.

The rails for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority are visible in the foreground. The tower looking thing in the background is the Astro Orbiter.  It is one of those ride things where you have individual cars that go around in circles. Each “space ship” is equipped with controls that allow the rider to control the how high it goes. Be careful not to ascend to quickly.  Yes, I went all the way to the top and the view was great.

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18 thoughts on “M is for Magic Kingdom

  1. Since you were a wee one you have liked carousels.. All adults in the family would get in line, When a ride would be completed with one family member, you would be handed over the fence to the next one in line so that you could ride continuously for a long time.


  2. Rebekah: The best times to come are in October & February.

    Polly: I thought about mentioning that.

    BearNaked: I think most of the castle is just a shell.

    Neva: Which park?

    Photowannabe: Disneyland is fun too but we currently live close to WDW.


  3. I lived near Disneyland in California. I went during the year it opened and maybe three other times in the next forty so years. Goes to show, you don’t always take advantage of attractions in your home town. I invite you to come see my “Margy’s Mouse Mechanism”. — Margy


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