More About Comments

I encourage all visitors to leave comments.  Rarely do I edit comments and have only banned one commenter in over a year of blogging.  I ask that my readers kindly follow the guidelines outlined in About Comments. With that said I must also ask that you do not use my comments section to solicit donations for charities. This is not because I am opposed to your charity but rather that I do not want to links to charities I am unfamiliar with. As a responsible blogger I can only recommend charities with which I am familiar.

I check out all links left in the comments if I do not feel comfortable recommending a link it is removed.

Charities or Causes I Have Written About


  1. I think that’s a very good rule, Dee. I never even thought about charity links, and though I don’t really get any in my comments, it’s best to already have a guideline in mind. Thanks!

  2. Sandy: Understandable.

    ENM: I didn’t think about it until someone left a link to a charity today. I am not opposed to the cause I just think it is inappropriate. The charity was for World Hunger. In September our church just had a big emphasis on World Hunger and we participate in that. Personally, for many causes like world hunger and disaster relief I prefer to donate through my church. I know that 100% of the money given for a cause goes to that cause.

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