It is has been about a week since Hurricane Ike ripped through Louisiana and Southeast Texas but the effects of Ike are long term.   We Are Texas Baptist has posted quite a bit about the storm and ways to help.


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2 thoughts on “Aftermath of Hurricane Ike

  1. That is so scary for the people that endured Hurricane Ike. My cousin and his wife & baby girl were down there and their roof-top got munched by a HUGE tree! 😦

    How scary! But they’re ok. No one in that family was hurt.

    I pray that everyone is OK and things get better. Those storms are never an easy thing to survive.


  2. Have family in the Houston area they were ok. The Big Guy’s mom is about an hr inland from Houston she got a lot of rain.

    There are a lot of people hurting in the area right now. We Texans are resilient and will recover. Although there are few towns that are literally wiped out. It wasn’t as bad as the hurricane of 1900 that literally wiped out Galveston. That is why there is a sea wall.


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