Ice cream has always been one of my favorite treats.  Today I am featuring my favorite ice cream shop, Sweet Dreams in Gainesville, FL.

Yes, the ice cream is made right in the store.
Yes, it really is homemade.

The owners, Mike and Lisa make the ice cream in the store. They open late on Mondays because that is ice cream making day.

Doesn't that look good?
Doesn't that look good?
I choose a double dipper. 2 junior size dips. There were 2 differant peanut butter flavors and I couldn't decide which one. It was yummy.
A double dipper with 2 different peanut butter flavors.

A double dipper is 2 junior scoops and is great when you can’t decide what to get. It was yummy.

Just thought that looked cool.
Just thought that looked cool.

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