Took these pictures on my last trip to Texas. All of the pictures were taken in Hamilton located in central Texas.

Hamilton County Collage

The collage depicts scenes and historical figures from Hamilton County Texas. The collage is located on the remaining wall of Williams Hardware. The hardware store collapsed in December 1976 shortly after Mr. Williams closed his store.

Hamilton County Courthouse

Hamilton County Courthouse

Victory Bell at the High School

Bell in front of Hamilton High School. All of the schools in Hamilton: Hamilton High School and Ann Whitney Elementary School are located next to each other at the top of a hill. Ann Whitney Elementary was named for an early pioneer teacher in the county.

My grandmother\'s house.

My grandmother’s house. My granddaddy designed the plans for the house.

Calvary Baptist Church

Church where my dad was a Minister for many years.

For more Sky Watch visit Tom.

24 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Around Hamilton County

  1. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! What a tonic to see some blue sky!
    It is bank holiday weekend here and I am watching the rain pounce off the window.
    Ahead I see black clouds!



  2. Love the pictures, I enjoyed seeing your hometown of Hamilton. You said it’s in central TX., I go to Texas a lot but have not been to Hamilton. About where is it located from Dallas or Houston areas?


  3. Denise: Yeah, we are in the middle of a tropical storm and haven’t seen blue skies in a few days as well.

    Kelly: TY, actually my hometown is FT Worth. Hamilton is about 2 hrs from Ft Worth so that would be about 3 hrs or so from Dallas. It is 4+ hrs from Houston


  4. Jim, Titania, Carver: TY

    Pottedfrog: It is a pretty town unforuantely the town has never figured out how to use the “charming small town” appeal to its advantage.

    Donna: Cool!


  5. Hamilton is located amidst Indian Gap, Evant, Fairy, West Point, Blue Ridge, Ohio, Aleman, Midway, Gentrys Mill, Carlton, Whiteway, etc.

    From east to west it is halfway between Waco and Brownwood, and halfway between Gatesville and Comanche.

    From north to south it is halfway between Stephenville and Lampasas.


  6. Thank you for very nice trip around Hamilton:-) Lovely set of photographs with wonderful blue sky. Thanks for sharing them and for dropping by my blog and nice comment. Have a nice day and happy skywatching:-)


  7. Since I’ve never been to the US, not even near… I must confess I’m much more interested in what there is to be seen below the sky. It all looks quite different from our country (Finland) or to Scandinavia in general – but the sky is always the same, all over the world, sometimes it’s angry, occasionally happy and most of the time, just indifferent 🙂


  8. Hi DeeDee, I like the sky in your old town! I had never heard of Hamilton and had no idea of where it might be. So I Googled it.
    I have been to Killeen and Fort Worth, but not to Hamilton. I knew of Brownwood having been to Howard Payne University for a Phi Beta Lambda (business school organization) State Convention.

    Thank you for visiting my Guatemala clouds and for your nice comment. We were in Guatemala helping for a week at an orphanage which was receiving help from the Buckner organization. 🙂


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