remotecontrol.jpgOk, this one just creeps me out. According to Chris Albrecht at NewTeeVee, Comcast is developing devices with a built in camera designed to recognize the person turning on the cable box. Comcast’s official reason for developing this is to improve the quality of the customer viewing experience. The cable box would make recommendations on the user profile. Comcast claims that it would be based on facial recognition but rather based on body forms.

There are enough surveillance cameras in public places. I understand that it is possible to be caught on one of those several times a day. Also, for the most part these cameras are needed for security reasons or for loss prevention. However, I do not want or need essentially another video surveillance camera in my own home. This entire idea just seems a little too Orwellian for me.

6 thoughts on “Big Brother is Watching You Watch Him

  1. And of course, this will be used later to spy on suspected terrorists or other “criminals” to make sure they aren’t doing something they shouldn’t be doing… Our phone, library and internet records can already be seized from providers…

    One more reason for me to hate Comcast.


  2. I agree, this is creepy. No way do I want ANY surveillance of ANY type in my own house. Comcast has got to be out of its mind to think that reasonable people would accept this idea.


  3. Yeah, also sort of the automating parenting. That the parents don’t have to actually spend time with the kids.

    We have one TV with the V-Chip & keep it set to teen settings even though we don’t have kids. When flipping channels it blocks some of the bad stuff. Of course it also blocks keywords like violent. The weather is often getting blocked. So, really no form of electronic monitoring is a substitute for good old fashioned parenting.


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