Took these one night when The Big Guy and I were walking near a parking garage on the University of Florida campus.

Taken near a parking garage at UF

The parking garage is visible in the right hand corner.

Jet trails

Better shot of the jet trails.

Tree shot with sunset in the background.

Tree covered in Spanish Moss.

Buds on a tree

Buds on a tree.

Overlooking stream

We decided to take a walk along this stream.

Grass Blowing in the Wind

It was actually a little breezy that day.

Gator warning sign

Well, we were walking until we saw this sign.

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20 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: UF Parking Garage

  1. Thank you for these pictures and the writing.. I found the signexcellent and I would have turn right around to.. ha!

    Forgive this part of my comment as this is done by Copy & Paste.. but with over 300 to visit and check I am sure you will understand…
    May I thank you on behalf of the Sky Watch team for your post this week and for helping to make Sky Watch special.
    Tom :O)


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