Jesse Jackson
Jesse Jackson

“If you can’t say something nice; say nothing at all.” I’m sure you probably learned that lesson in kindergarten or younger. It seems like Jesse Jackson needs to take a refresher course in basic life lessons. If you have not hear by now Sunday night while waiting for an interview on Fox News Jackson made a rather rude comment about Barack Obama. The comment was intended to be a private conversation. Guess, Jackson forgot he was wearing a mic. Oops. He has also issued an apology.

While he as issued an apology, was still irresponsible and uncalled for. Jackson is supposed to be a leader and minister as well. Yet, he is not acting much like either at this time. Common sense and a little discretion would have prevented this entire incident. It is acceptable that Jackson disagrees with some of Obama’s comment but was it really necessary act like a middle school boy.

6 thoughts on “If You Can’t Say Something Nice …

  1. Jesse Jackson has a history of sticking his foot in his mouth and blaming it on a hot mic; do you remember his comment calling New York “Hymietown”? These particular comments were definitely out of line, and you’re right, he’s acting like a middle school boy.


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