Sky Watch Friday: EPCOT at Night

Sky Watch

No trip to Disney would be complete without a fireworks show. Somewhere I heard or read that Disney uses more fireworks per year than the rest of the world. At Walt Disney World all of the parks except Animal Kingdom close with fireworks. These shots were taken at EPCOT’s Illumataion.

Fireworks at EPCOT

Fireworks at EPCOT

Nightly fireworks display at EPCOT.

EPCOT during the day.

Daytime shot looking across the lagoon.

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  1. The last time we were there the price of admission had gone up to $26.00 a person. That was so high that we never forgot it and never went back. I like your photos of your visit.

  2. Abraham Lincoln,

    That must have been a long time ago. I think daily single park admission is around $70.

    Haven’t been to Disney Land in years. Don’t think they had any fireworks because they closed at 6 pm.

  3. I see Disney doesn’t spare neither money or imagination with their fireworks show anywhere.
    Been three times to Disneyland Paris and always loved seeing their midnight firework shows … of course, after that it was of to bed!

  4. I enjoyed those pics. I also agree that Disney is now too expensive, but it is worth going to at least once.

  5. Quinttarantino: Never been to EuroDisney. I have been to both Disneyland and WDW.

    Troy: I visit almost every site of people who post comments.

    Melli: TY it was fun.

    Nate: Agreed. Of course, the FL resident discount is nice.

  6. Nice to see a night sky lit up so well.. Fireworks do make great pictures but as yet I have had little luck taking them..

    hank you for joining in this week.

  7. Tom: I have/had a low budget digital camera. Also, I use Paintshop Pro to bring out the fireworks.

    Anne-Berit, Petunia, Tommy V, Daniel, & John: Thank you

    Sandy: Of course it is the happiest place on Earth.

    Pat: We live about 2 hrs from WDW.

  8. Nice pictures. I think the Epcot fireworks show is probably the best I’ve ever seen. When we went to Florida a few years ago for vacation, we tried to catch the Epcot fireworks almost every night.

  9. Jane Marie: Sometime we don’t stay late enough for them either. These were taken at the Christmas thing at EPCOT.

    Luiz & Dot: TY

    Lisa: We also like the nighttime show at MGM.

  10. I would love to see Epcot someday. My students would all tell me about their trip and though I’ve traveled overseas a lot, I’ve missed Epcot. Your pictures make me want to go. I love the fireworks. Beautiful.

  11. EPCOT is fun. If it is a one time trip. Get multi-day park hoppers. Stay on property & get the food plan with your package. Disney will pick you up & take you to the airport.

  12. I loved it it was sooooooo fun! It was my first day so I new that it was going to be really fun the past week. And why your waching it I,m beaging you to get fish at a place called Fish and Chips!

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