Well, I’m trying something new again. I have been looking at Ellen and others Sky Watch photos for several weeks. Last week I took some pictures to use for Sky Watch.
Lake Alice on the University of Florida campus is home to alligators, birds, bats and other creatures. In the student agricultural gardens across the street from the Lake features a bat house. Every night at sunset the bats come out of the house and put on a show. By playing with the settings on my camera I was actually able to catch bats. The little gray almost transparent triangle/diamond shapes by the tree are bats. Funny thing is I almost deleted this shot because I didn’t think I had captured anything.
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39 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday: Here Come the Bats

  1. Well done…
    My friend Peter caught a great picture last year with his camera set on auto and with the flash. He sat there with his camera resting on his knee and just kept taking picture after picture.. he manage a great shot of a bat in flight.. I must get him to post it soon.
    I would have enjoyed these area and seeing these bats flying about. At summerwe get them flying low over the gardens trying to snatch moths which re attracted to the outside lights.. maybe that could be a good way then of attaracting the bats where you are… attract the food they eat and then get set with the camera.. I want to go out right now and try that ha!

    Great Sky and Bat Watch.


  2. There are signs posted not to put out any food or small animals. Lake Alice is full of Alligators. My pictures of the gators didn’t turn out as well.

    There are quite a few bats but nothing like Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.


  3. John, Ellen, Pernille,

    Lyn: That is what I thought

    Fishing Guy: It was pretty hard. Had to keep playing with the setting. The bats come out and play for a while but the hawks also come for the easy buffet.

    Dot: I don’t like being that close to bats either.



  4. Neat. My husband and I captured some bats in Texas last month. They were cool – but hard to take pictures of – so fast. Your pictures look great.


  5. Luiz 7 Lili,

    Thanks. Actually, the bats come out every night. There is a nice place set up to watch them. That night there was even someone from the University doing research on the bats.



  6. I love that picture….I might have to try that…once the bats start coming back around. It is still in the 30’s and 40’s here outside the D.C.

    Randy and the boys built a bat house last summer bet we got it up too late. We are hoping to see tenants this year…. If I can get a picture I will post it for you…


  7. Dee….I am new to sky watch, and have been randomly choosing blogs to browse. I was shocked to see the name of Lake Alice mentioned. I am a die hard Gator…graduated in 1985 from UF!! I have been living and working in Indonesia for the past 12 years!!

    Hope you can visit my blog sometime…




  8. Ginger, We’ve only had a few days that cold this year. Hopefully you’ll get some pictures.

    Scotty; Thanks for stopping by. This was my 1st Sky Watch entry. My husband is a current grad student at UF. I’ll check your blog out soon.


  9. Transparent triangular wings on bats? So odd. How can you be sure these are bats? They look nothing like them.

    Very facinating photo. Great work. I would like to see more pictures of these creatues in this configuration. If they are bats, they really change their look when they are moving.

    Please e-mail back with your comments.

    God bless,

    Garth Guessman


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