mc.jpgI really try to keep my political comments to a minimum but recent events have caused me to feel the need to write on this topic. First, I want to establish this is not a pro-war post, I choose to keep my feelings about the Iraq war to myself. (I know amazing, huh). Second, however this post is pro-troops. Regardless of my feelings about the war I believe it is important to support our troops for the following reasons.


  1. Our military is comprised of volunteers, that means they choose to serve in the military. They do so with an understanding that at any time they may be called to serve in harm’s way.
  2. Those who serve ultimately serve for our protection.
  3. Freedom is not free. It was built on the backs of those who have served and defended this country for 200 plus years.
  4. For those who choose to protest the war, demonstrate at funerals and treat uniformed military personal with disrespect; those in uniform are protecting your right to do so.
  5. Our service men and women and their families often make great sacrifices for the rest of us.
  6. Those serving in the military are not the policy makers about the war. They are not the one’s who made the decision to enter this war. They however are merely doing their jobs.
  7. Remember, that our service men and women are humans created in the image of God and deserve to be treated with grace, dignity and respect.
  8. Remember treat people the way you want to be treated.
  9. Respect for the military is one way to demonstrate patriotism for our country.
  10. The soldiers, sailors and airmen serving today are really no different the those of my grandparent’s generation who bravely served in World War II. The nature of the war is drastically different but those serving still serve for many of the same reasons. However, there is one great difference between those who serve today and those who served during “The Great War” there is no draft for this war. Those serving today are volunteers and have chosen to serve our country. Many of those who served in WWII were drafted.

I believe it is better to support and pray for our servicemen and women and their families. If you feel the need to protest the war or call for it to end that is your right. However, wouldn’t it be better to let your voice be heard by someone who can do something about the situation. Inform your congressman of your feelings. Name calling and yelling at military personnel will do nothing to stop the war. Demonstrating at a military funeral will not resolve the conflict. Have respect for the family. There is no need to rub salt into the wound. Instead of yelling or screaming stop and say a pray for those in uniform.

15 thoughts on “Support Our Troops

  1. I’m not completely comfortable with #1. While they are not forced to serve, they also are not volunteers. They receive a salary, medical benefits and a decent pension if they choose to serve long enough.

    While emotion, call of duty or other noble reasons may compel them to make the decision to serve in the military, they aren’t doing it for free. The military is contracted, not volunteer.


  2. Shane,

    That is true. I meant volunteer service as opposed to a draft or compulsory service.

    They should be supported just as our police, fire fighters and teachers need to be supported by the community. It is tough to have a job where you are providing a necessary service for the community and face ridicule or other attacks because of the job.


  3. I think volunteer should be taken in context. Many military members are being compensated FAR less than they would be in the civilian sector, yet they do it to serve their country. They don’t asked to be held up on a pedestal, just not to be stepped on, yelled at, and spit on.


  4. I think many people forget that you can support the troops and not support the war…they think that if you are anti-war then you should be anti-troops as well (or vice versa).

    The point is, they are over there fighting and dying…and we aren’t. That alone deserves respect and support and I thank everyone I meet who has been or is in the military. They didn’t have to sign up, but they did…and they deserve everything we can possibly give them for it.


  5. I am currently a soldier in the U.S. Army. I joined of my own free will…there was no gun held to my head forcing me to join. Just like every other service member we joined of our own free will thus making a voulenteer military. What we get paid meets the bills and not much else. Fortuantly we get great benefits that make it a little easier. No one enlists into service to get rich. I did it because I have a deep seeded sence of patriotism and want to be able to look at my children and tell them that I was willing to stand up for their ability to be born and raised free. I love my country and the people in it. And even though the people that protest at military funerals make me sick and I can’t believe they don’t take their protest where it belongs namely DC. I will gladly die for their right to protest. Anyway, keep a soldier, sailor, airman, or marine in your heart and prayers. We all need it.


  6. I have to agree with you that we need to support our troops. They are inadequately paid for what they do, both in combat and in peace time. And the evidence has shown that the troops sent into Iraq were not properly equipped for the role that they had to fulfill.

    But one question, exactly when you speak of protests at funerals, who is protesting? The only protests that I am aware of are by the people of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church.


  7. Tony,

    There may only be one group protesting funerals but they travel widely & have gotten a lot of coverage. Even if this had happened at one funeral that is too many. Also, I have written about their antics in an earlier post.



  8. The family (it is all one family) from Westboro is neither Baptist nor a church, IMO. They got hit by a judge several months ago after a military member’s father (who buried his son) had to endure their awful antics sued them for millions of dollars. Hopefully, that has put an end to it.


  9. James,

    WBC is mostly one family but not all. Several of Phelps children have been estranged from the family. As for being Baptist WBC is a independent, fundamentalist possibly primitive Baptist. They are extremely hyper-Calvinist. Also are opposed to alien immersion. Yes, they are Baptist. i wrote about Phelps in this post


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