Or I Said Dr Pepper not that other stuff…

My beverage of choice is Dr Pepper, preferably the kind bottled in Dublin, TX. That is Dr Pepper not Pibb, Pibb extra, Root Beer or Wild Cherry Pepsi. It is the soft drink I grew up drinking and life was good until a few years ago when we moved to the east coast. We miss many of the simple things we took for granted like being able to order a Dr Pepper and have the wait staff know what you are talking about. Here is quick guide to some Dr Pepper basics.

First of all Dr Pepper isn’t a Pepsi product. In some areas it is distributed by Pepsi. It isn’t owned by Pepsi or Coke. Yes, it is possible to sell both Coke and Dr Pepper

Dr Pepper isn’t a cola. So please do not offer me Wild Cherry Pepsi. It does not taste like a cola. Nor does it taste anything like a root beer. So, please do not offer me any of those when I ask for a Dr Pepper. After all it is a unique blend of 23 flavors. Watch the commercial. (Go to the Entertainment section).

Yes, there is a difference between Dr Pepper and Pibb. Do not attempt to serve me an imposter as a Dr Pepper. I can tell the difference and I know the difference even if you don’t. If you must offer me a Pibb do so appropriately. If you only have Pibb this is a fact that causes much pain and suffering. Do not cheerfully offer me that other stuff. Instead either say it very quietly or act remorseful. After all you do not have that unique nectar of the gods but rather an imitation.

Why Dr Pepper only? Well, I’m from Texas and Dr Pepper is a Texas institution. Created in 1885 Dr Pepper is the oldest of the major soft drinks in the U.S.. It was created by Charles Alderton in the Old Corner Drug Store in Waco, TX. To learn more about the history of Dr Pepper check out the video below from the Dr. Pepper Museum.

What is so special about Dr Pepper from Dublin, Texas? Well, the Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company has been bottling the sweet elixir since 1891. It is the original and oldest Dr Pepper bottling plant. They still use Imperial Pure Cane Sugar and not corn syrup. It tastes better than the other stuff.

So, next time you want a soft drink try an ice cold Dr Pepper instead of a cola or that other stuff.

Remember “Drink a bite to eat at 10, 2, and 4.? What is that? That is an old Dr Pepper advertising slogan from the 1920s.

14 thoughts on “The Trials and Tribulations of a Dr Pepper Fanatic in a Alien Land

  1. Did I ever tell you that I worked for Dr. Pepper for a few months in 1985, giving out free samples in grocery stores? Quite a job. They paid me $10/hour and back then that was a lot of money!


  2. Wouldn’t that be like a DP frosted? We used to get a blended DP flurry at Sonic. Try the Sonic on Alta Mesa. They are better than the one on Trail Lake or at least they used to be. DH


  3. I remember the 10-2-4 ads from the 60s – “drink a bite to eat at 10, 2 and 4. You’ll always want more.” I even remember the bottles with the little red numbers on them. They used to sell large bottles – about a liter – and we had a rubber stopper to put in the top to close it up. Later they came with screw top lids – aluminum I guess, not plastic. We took the bottles back to the store to be reused. Also, soda was a treat, we didn’t drink it everyday, and we only had DP except when we were sick, then it was Sprite!


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