lady.jpgOur AC is still out and we are refugees from the heat. Fortunately, we are house-sitting for some friends, who have a nice air conditioned house. This is a win, win situation for all involved. According to The Big Guy they win because they have righteous cool people staying in their house. We win because we get to hang out with Lady their awesome dog. Gee, I was just glad for the AC. We thought our purpose was to keep an eye on the house and take care of the dog. Lady thinks that our purpose is to pet her, feed her, talk to her and otherwise entertain her. Lady is a very friendly dog. We know this because she constantly wants to shake hands.

Overall it has been a fun week. We have enjoyed playing with Lady. She has finally trained us to understand our “real” purpose is to pet her constantly.

2 thoughts on “Adventures in House Sitting

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