No AC & Other Rantings

fan.jpgOur AC broke 24 days ago. Yes, we reported it the management company. Hopefully, it will be fixed tomorrow. For the past 24 days we have been finding ways to stay cool: staying with friends, house sitting and even taking a weekend trip to St. Augustine. At least the temperature hasn’t risen above 100 degrees and the hottest it has been in our condo is 89 degrees. In fact the 4 years we have lived in Florida the temperature has never reached 100 degrees. The year we moved from Texas we had 30 straight days over 100 degrees by mid June. I always envisioned Florida as a very hot place. It is certainly more humid than West and Central Texas. The Big Guy thinks the humidity is about the same as Bryan but not as hot. One comment we often hear is that well Texas has a dry heat and that isn’t as bad. In my opinion once it reaches 100+ it doesn’t matter if it is a dry or humid heat. It is still hot. Oh, the other interesting thing I have found is anytime we get less than 40,000 gazillion inches of rain people start screaming drought. The residents of N. Central Florida don’t know what a real drought is. Our first year here a friend told us the rainfall was down by 30 inches. I asked how can you have negative rainfall. Our friend just laughed. Now, my question was serious. I have lived in a part of the country that knows what a drought is like. Oh, people don’t believe us that it is possible to have sandstorms unless you are on the beach.

Well, The Big Guy has just declared this blog long enough. More later. — DH


  1. Rebecca,

    We refused to pay our August rent. We really have a good deal. We are paying less than the going rate. Also, we no longer deal with anyone at the office other than the owner.

  2. Dee:

    That’s a good idea. I’d feel the same way and react the same way. With all that you had to go through – you shouldn’t have had to pay!

  3. Someone working in the office called us & asked if we forgot to pay our rent. I replied no & that I had been asking for an adjustment from about July 9th on the August rent. From about the 15th of July we called every day & asked about the AC/rent. Nothing was done & I’m not sure messages were even taken. I also said that we weren’t paying anything until the company owner talked to us. A few months ago we heard that the rent had finally been excused.

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