1. annoypeople.jpgThis one works very well when the library isn’t crowded. Find someone who is intently reading a book or studying and sit down right beside them and make as much noise as possible.
  2. Eat your lunch rather loudly. Extra points if it is a smelly lunch.
  3. Look over someone’s shoulder and ask them questions about the book.
  4. Find someone intently looking for books. Go to the opposite side of the bookshelf. Remove the books so you can surprise them.
  5. Find someone looking for books and from the opposite side hand them books to read.
  6. Make a fort of books on your table and proceed to shoot paper wads at the other patrons.
  7. Talk loudly to the characters in the book you are reading.
  8. Handout random reading materials to other patrons.
  9. Find someone who has gotten up from their table but it is still using it. Relocate the materials to a nearby table.
  10. Find someone reading a book and tell them the movie is much better than the books. This especially good if it is a self-help, how to or technical book.

Bonus: How to the Annoy Library Staff

  1. Instead of putting books on reserve for your classes have your graduate assistant hide the books throughout the library. Be sure to give your students a scavenger hunt list in order to find the books. I actually had a professor do this one.
  2. Randomly select a large amount of books and leave them on the tables and shelves for the staff to deal with.
  3. Ask the librarian about random obscure or made up books.

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