Too Many Thoughts

Can't sleep too many thoughts racing through my mind Thoughts of the future Thoughts of the past Thoughts of things I've done or said Can't sleep too many questions racing through my mind. Questions about decisions Questions about the future Questions I can't answer Need some answers so I can sleep; now these thoughts claim … Continue reading Too Many Thoughts

My Other Projects

Like many bloggers I have more than one blog. Since this is my blog I have decided to promote my other projects today. For about 2 years I have been the editor of If you haven't checked it out lately, you really should. This week's theme is learning disabilities. Recently, I created a blog … Continue reading My Other Projects

Refer Meme (Refer Tag)

Rebecca tagged me for this one. Rules of this tag: First, Link to whomever tagged you (i.e. I was referred by [name of friend/family member who tagged you] + a skill of theres that you highly recommend others to refer to [Writing, Sewing, Cooking, etc]) List & link all your friends + their skill that … Continue reading Refer Meme (Refer Tag)