Pray for Oklahoma

Pray for those in the Moore, New Castle and south Oklahoma area. As of last night the Daily Oklahoman was reporting at least 37 deaths. The tornado followed a path similar to the May 3, 1999 storm. How to help: Resources for Tornado Victim Feed the Children -- Based in Oklahoma City Oklahoma Baptist Disaster … Continue reading Pray for Oklahoma

Top 10: Worst Travel Experiences

This was inspired by some of friends recent Facebook status updates regarding travel problems. #10: Road Trip when my engine blew up. Actually, I was driving the car back to my parents house and was going to get a new car. The car just decided that it couldn't make it another mile. It blew up … Continue reading Top 10: Worst Travel Experiences

Blessing in Disguise

A tornado destroyed the R.G. Berry Distribution center in San Angelo, TX and as a result 180,000 pairs of new shoes had to be destroyed. The shoes were undamaged but due to insurance regulations the shoes were declared not available for sale or in-country distribution. Alan Wilson of Templeton Construction was charged with disposing of … Continue reading Blessing in Disguise