Interesting Quiz

I found this interesting quiz last week about Theological Worldview. Not sure about its accruacy but the results are very interesting. The first result was a little surprising since I really don't think I have been influenced that much by Wesley's teaching. That may in part be due to being a virtue ethicist. You Scored … Continue reading Interesting Quiz

Refer Meme (Refer Tag)

Rebecca tagged me for this one. Rules of this tag: First, Link to whomever tagged you (i.e. I was referred by [name of friend/family member who tagged you] + a skill of theres that you highly recommend others to refer to [Writing, Sewing, Cooking, etc]) List & link all your friends + their skill that … Continue reading Refer Meme (Refer Tag)

KJV Only, Rock Music and Other Rants

I work in a Christian bookstore. Most of the time I really like my job; it is a nice place to work. I encounter a variety of people each day, most of whom are Christians. Christians are an interesting group of people. Some tell me that I must be spirit-filled and speak in tongues (unknown … Continue reading KJV Only, Rock Music and Other Rants

The Gospel Between Fred Phelps and Joel Osteen

Fred Phelps and Joel Osteen have gotten a lot of press recently for the message they preach. Both loudly proclaim the message God has given them. They claim to speak for the same God yet preach very diverse messages. The Gospel According to Fred Phelps  Phelps is the pastor of the tiny Westboro Baptist Church … Continue reading The Gospel Between Fred Phelps and Joel Osteen