SWF Friday: Flagler College

Flagler College is located in the heart of historic St. Augustine, Florida. Flagler College is named for Gilded Age industrialist Henry Flagler.  The historic Hotel Ponce de Leon serves a residence hall and focal point of the campus.  Built by Henry Flagler in 1888 the Hotel Ponce de Leon was an exclusive by invitation only … Continue reading SWF Friday: Flagler College

Spring Break Day 5

Warning today's post has a lot of pictures. Well, Friday was the final day of the Kat & Chief's trip. After we checked out we headed to St. Augustine for a few hours before going to the airport. This was Kat's 2nd trip to Florida so she had already seen the Historic District. Chief hadn't … Continue reading Spring Break Day 5

Spring Break Day 4: Now With Pictures

Today, Nate had to drive back & teach. The kids & I stayed at the resort. As Chief put it this was his last chance to sleep in for a while. They slept until almost noon. Ate lunch & watched X-Men 1.5 in the condo. We did walk over to the IMax and catch Everest. … Continue reading Spring Break Day 4: Now With Pictures

A Day at the Beach

Thought I would share some pictures from our trip to St. Augustine beach Friday.  Warning today's post contains a lot of pictures.  It was too cold to get in the water but we did enjoy walking on the beach. Yes, I know it wasn't really cold. The black dots are surfers. They were about the … Continue reading A Day at the Beach