Pistol Packing Teachers?

The school board for Levelland ISD (TX) voted last week to allow teachers to be permitted to carry firearms. Teachers must have approval from the superintendent, pass a training course and have a concealed carry permit.  Levelland, Texas located near Lubbock has about 3,000 students and 485 staff members. Unfortunately, it has become necessary to … Continue reading Pistol Packing Teachers?

New Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in School Aged Children

According to a report in the December issue of Pediatrics new guidelines have been recommended for doctors treating school-aged children for food allergies. Approximately one in 25 school-aged children have food allergies. As someone who has had food allergies since childhood I am glad that this is being addressed. School can be a dangerous place … Continue reading New Guidelines for Managing Food Allergies in School Aged Children

Flashback: How to Tell You Are having a Bad Day

Note: Remember just because it is Monday your day could be worse.  Originally posted 22 April 2008. A charter bus driver in the Seattle area decided to follow the turn by turn directions exactly. He ignored the large signs warning of low clearance. Oops. The driver was transporting members of Seattle area high school softball … Continue reading Flashback: How to Tell You Are having a Bad Day

What Can I do?

Recently one of our friend's took his son six year-old son, Josiah to hear former NBA star Manute Bol speak about the work he is doing in Sudan.  Bol is building schools through Sudan Sunrise. During the Q&A time Josiah, asked a simple question, "What can I do?"   Bol suggested Josiah write a letter to … Continue reading What Can I do?

Boys and Girls Learn Differently

It really should not be surprising that boys and girls learn differently after all boys and girls are different. However there is a growing movement supporting single sex education. Dr. Leonard Sax, an outspoken support of single sex education and the author of Why Gender Matters: What Parents and Teachers Need to Know About the … Continue reading Boys and Girls Learn Differently

Florida Education Crisis

For the past several months the local news has been full of stories about budget issues in Florida. There has been a movement to reduce taxes in the state. Florida is one of the few states with no income tax. As a result of budget cuts all levels of education are suffering from elementary through … Continue reading Florida Education Crisis