Baptist Disaster Relief

On Tuesday NBC News anchor Brian Williams and reporter Harry Smith mentioned what they called the Faith-Based FEMA or Baptist Men. Smith added, "As you and I have seen in so many different places in this country, if you're waiting for the government, you're going to be in for an awful long wait. The Baptist … Continue reading Baptist Disaster Relief

Pray for Oklahoma

Pray for those in the Moore, New Castle and south Oklahoma area. As of last night the Daily Oklahoman was reporting at least 37 deaths. The tornado followed a path similar to the May 3, 1999 storm. How to help: Resources for Tornado Victim Feed the Children -- Based in Oklahoma City Oklahoma Baptist Disaster … Continue reading Pray for Oklahoma

It Has Been an Adventure

Music has always been important to me. Songs often transport be back to another time and place. Today as we were singing Wherever He Lead's I'll Go I was transported back to a hot summer night at a Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center in south-eastern Oklahoma.  It was at this camp that I begin to … Continue reading It Has Been an Adventure