How is College Different from High School?

College and high school both have classes, students and teachers. College is a completely different world than high school. The focus in high school is educating and equipping teens with the skills needed for adulthood and life. College prepares adults for careers and or to reach personal goals. One of the greatest differences between high … Continue reading How is College Different from High School?

Solution to High Gas Price

High school senior Brad Walker from Rockwood, TN has found a solution to high gas prices. He has decided to ride his horse, Pumpkin, to school. It takes him about 45 minutes to make the four mile trek from his home to school. The cost is about $1 a day. His "green" plan may come … Continue reading Solution to High Gas Price


Read an interesting op-ed piece about the high drop out rate in the United States. According to this piece, the U.S. high school system is out of date and does not prepare students for life. Students graduate without basic skills and even basic knowledge of historical facts. It is one more piece attacking our public … Continue reading Clueless?

Think You Are Having A Bad Day …

A charter bus driver in the Seattle area decided to follow the turn by turn directions exactly. He ignored the large signs warning of low clearance. Oops. The driver was transporting members of Seattle area high school softball team home from a game. Apparently no one received any serious injuries. HT:

Educational Benefits of Community Service

Colleges, scholarships and an increasing number of high schools require students to have community service. Community service is a great way to develop character and responsibility. Community service projects are also a great way to provide practical learning opportunities. Community service can include everything from activism for a cause such as the environment, a recycling … Continue reading Educational Benefits of Community Service

Top 10: Things My Students Have Said or Done

After teaching for over 10 years I have quite a collection of humorous things my students have said or done. Thought I would share a few of my favorites. All names or other identifying information has been changed to protect the innocent and not so innocent. #10 From a college history class: New England is … Continue reading Top 10: Things My Students Have Said or Done

Is the Church Irrelevant for Today’s Society?

In a recent editorial in the Baptist Standard Marv Knox reflects on the trend of young adults leaving the church after high school. According to one recent study the majority of young adults between the ages of 18-30 dropout of church after high school. About 20% of those surveyed felt that they are no longer … Continue reading Is the Church Irrelevant for Today’s Society?